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Run of the Mill - Dave  Patten



The soundtrack for the last book I read..

which happened to be actually Dave's debut novel (Run of the Mill). 

I'm only saying this:

I'll have a review up soon(-ish),
'till then keep an eye on this guy!


No pun intended :)

Cress by Marissa Meyer

Once upon a time.. Scratch that, I’ll save myself!


I have a really hard time explaining just how much I love this series, how incredibly great it is (from the beautiful writing, to the amazing pack of characters, the laughing-out-loud kind of humour, the fascinating world and the too-awesome-to-be true plot-line).


With other series there is this strong feeling of them being composed of several ’individual books’, which they totally are of course – maybe I am not making my feelings clear with this approach. *let’s try again*

You see, it’s just that I can make a clear distinction between those books, I can separate them in my mind, I can tell which one I liked better and which one I didn’t and why.


But here, I feel like this is just ‘one big story’ that flows easily from one ‘part’ to another and I can only tell you that I love it to pieces – all of it.
Because, yes, there are other characters that give name to the books, but the story is the same: the story of Cinder and the great people helping her. And it’s their journey as a whole that takes my breath away, them as a group that stole my heart..


This being said .. Where’s the next book? Where’s the next book?!


Full review here.

Happy midnight reading!

It's all about the choices you make..


All 3 Divergent full reviews can be found here.


Divergent: "To be honest, I am a bit angry at myself for not writing down the review right after reading the book, because I can’t find a way to make it justice.. Divergent was such a great book, better than it seems from this review, and I hope that many other people will enjoy it as much as I remember enjoying it myself. Also I hope that my 5 stars rating it’s an enough proof for its awesomeness"... Read more.


Insurgent: "Writers, when creating a world, have a great power over it and some of them are not afraid to use it. They are not afraid to put the characters through hell and back, they are not afraid to hurt them, and they are not afraid to kill"... Read more.


Allegiant: "To say that this book is my favourite in the series is an understatement. It took my breath away, I loved every single word of it and so when the ending came it broke me to pieces. I read the last pages with tears in the eyes"... Read more.



I love my eReader, but this is so cute!

Series fail...


Some authors should stick to stand alone stories.
Series are great only when one has a lot more to say, that didn't fit in a book. 
(and by 'a lot' I mean enough to write one more book, not just half of it) *sigh*

On The Fence by Kasie West

That’s it, I found a book I want to live in!



For me this book was perfect: perfectly-awesome dynamics, perfectly-sweet romance and just a perfectly-bit of sadness to make up for the perfectly-amazing ‘giggleness’.

Yes, I am a also a ‘perfect’ dork in love with romantic stories, but what can I say? I just loved “On the Fence” so very much!


And you shouldn’t simply take my words for it, so I will give you the reasons why those items on the list were so great to begin with:

1. fantastic family dynamics - from honest punishments, to love, teasing, comforting, helping.. everything was relatable, realistic and just as beautiful as any family should be.

2. best friendships – they are all so great together as friends, having fun, playing sports or just being themselves and nothing more.

3. cutest love story – I simply loved the fence scenes – their game was cute and honest :D and there were sparks, and beauty and so much fun.


Full (so damn early) review on the blog (sorry, I just couldn't help it - I needed to tell you all about it!)


Keep calm and wait...

My precious...


Got a new kindle, perfect for my 'after midnight' reading ;))

Something better than books

When I grow up I'm gonna fall in love, just like them..


Picture: me on my wedding day.

19 Quirky Conundrums Only Book Lovers Understand

old book

 OMG!! How come strangers know so much about me?!


via HuffPost:


1. Finding a comfortable reading position is a never-ending quest. Chair or bed? Side or back? In a box? With a fox?

2. On airplanes, you hesitantly flick on the overhead light while everyone else is napping.

3. Paper cuts may look like minor injuries, but the pain can be excruciating.

4. Walking and reading at the same time requires hand-eye coordination only professional athletes have been endowed with.

5. What on earth are you supposed to do with the jacket on a hardcover while you're reading it? Keep it on and risk damaging it? Take it off and store it in a weird nook, never to find it again?

6. Deciding what to read is a choice that presents you with an embarrassment of riches.

7. The typeface and page length of a book can seriously impact your reading experience, sometimes for the worse (sans-serif font is a huge no-no).

8. A book can be composed of the worst drivel you've ever laid eyes on, you're still afflicted with major guilt when you banish it to the "I Will Never Ever Ever Finish This. Like, Ever." shelf.

9. You lament time that you've wasted in the past; all of those hours scouring celebrity Twitters could have been put towards finally reading Moby Dick!


10. Some people count down the minutes until their lunch hour; you count down the minutes until Jeffery Eugenides or Donna Tartt releases their next book (roughly 5 million for Tartt, but who's counting?!)

11. Finishing a book you loved is like saying goodbye to a good friend. You've been through so much together! And while you may see each other again, it won't be quite the same.

12. Forget finding roommates; the most stressful thing about moving is figuring out a way to transport boxes upon boxes of heavy books.


13. You're constantly rethinking your bookshelf strategy. Should you color-coordinate, or take a more practical approach, such as publication date or alphabetization? Or, if you're feeling ambitious, should you tackle the autobiographical bookshelf, à la Rob Gordon from High Fidelity?

14. Your mood is directly impacted by the mood of the book that you're reading; your friends have learned to avoid you during Dostoyevsky months or Bret Easton Ellis weeks.

15. You take found books home like abandoned puppies, chirping, "Can we keep it?!" That'd be well and good if it didn't happen once a day.

16. One does not simply walk by a bookstore. One must poke around, at the very least, and one usually ends up filling one's tote bag with more books than one can carry.

17. "I don't read" is a relationship death knell, akin to "I loathe my mother" or "I enjoy upsetting kittens."

18. You may or may not own two (or three or four) copies of a beloved book. You can't help it, the redesigned covers are irresistible!


19. Laundry day and other important obligations get completely overlooked when you're in the middle of a great, un-put-downable book. "Same shirt Saturday"? Sorry you're not sorry. 


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Quote from: Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley

Dad was always going on about how romantic it was that they met in the university cafeteria. He asked for Mum’s salt and she asked for his sugar.
‘Romance like that can’t end in dehydrated potatoes,’ I said to Mum.

She answered, ‘Lucy, you’re lucky if romance ends in something you can add water to and rehydrate.’ This did not comfort me.


You are more beautiful that you think ;)

Review: Champion by Marie Lu

Champion: A Legend Novel - Marie Lu

This is one of the best conclusions to a series! The very best. *wiping tears*


Seriously! And it felt so ..right, you know?

Not all butterflies and cheers and happiness, but right and real and beautiful and raw.
The action, the suspense, the dramatic romance, the bittersweet ending… every moment and every page, every single word in this book.. EVERYTHING was perfect. I couldn’t have imagined a better ending for this series, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I am definitely giving away more than I want to, but for once I don’t care because I’ve been holding my breath the whole time waiting for Day and June to meet again, hoping for them to find a way back together, crying inside for all the things that have put a world of a wall between them, dropping my eyes into my mouth at some mind-blowing turnarounds and crying like a baby when things went terribly wrong. What more do you want from me? How much a heart can take without breaking?


Read the full review on the blog.


The Story Coaster from artist Grant Snider

Grant Snider is the enterprising creator of Incidental Comics and also does posters. This one seemed especially appropriate for BookLikes.


[Click here for more of Grant's works]

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And I thought the Hunger Game video was funny.

Well, this one is..  =)) :)) =))) :)) =))


I need more of these!

Well, honest trailers are honest.


This video made me laugh so much.
Can't agree with all, but some of that was pure gold ^_^

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