Review: Haze by Paula Weston

Haze  - Paula Weston

Well this felt like one of the best sequels so far…

It’s been a while since the last time I was so lost into a story that I couldn’t put it down. It’s been quite a while since I first read the first book in the series too, but it didn’t feel like time has passed at all. I could easily pick it up from where it ended and enjoy this next part of the journey.


The first book was a bit more action driven than this one. There were many unanswered questions and something had to make up for those. This time around is all about building relationships and character development.
We learn more about the other characters and how they interact with Gaby, we learn more about her strength coming back to her and the way the part-angels can fight together, we learn more about their disappointments, their past together and what they want for the future.


The story is less about the past catching up with Gaby though, and more about the need to find her brother – but also how scary this is for her, because what if she never finds him, or what if she does but he is not the brother she remembers, or what if he is really dead, what if she loses him all over again?

Hope is a dangerous thing and Gaby knows is. So she busies herself with keeping her friends safe while also hunting for clues and she tries to put herself together before she can face the truth of what happened a year ago.


Now, of course you won’t get all the answers you might expect, but that is good because there is another book in progress that will do just that. Also there is quite a cliffy going on at the ending that might leave you just a bit open-mouthed – and I might confess that I don’t like cliffhangers, not when I have to wait a long time for my breath to catch again.



Book #2 in The Rephaim series

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