Review: Prodigy by Marie Lu

Prodigy - Marie Lu

What an AMAZING story!

It’s a bit unusual for me to like more the second book in a series, but as much as I liked Legend it will never compare with this lovely book…


Because, you see, Prodigy is simply (and amazingly) good: great characters, strong world building, a lot more action and an amount of suspense that might kill you just a bit. Not to mention some sweet moments that might melt you like ice-cream on a sunny day.


Reasons to love this book:

- Day (he is not perfect, he has tons of flaws, but they also make him tridimensional. He is not a doll, he has feelings, he is strong but he has weaknesses, he is fast but we are still able to catch up with him, to love him.)

- June (she might be one of the best female characters I came across: she is strong, she is a great fighter, she is smart, she has principles and she stays true to herself. )

- awesome action, fantastic world-building and some great side characters. 


Take care of your heart when you’ll read this book, as it is heartbreaking and extremely exciting!