The Body Electric

The Body Electric - Beth Revis

Absolutely adorable. Loved it!


I am at a loss for words because this book really took my breath away.

And I need to tell you more...
I need to tell you how beautifully written it is, how amazingly vivid the world is, how incredible and fleshed out the characters are, how mind-blowing and breathtaking the plot is, how unreliable but relatable Ella is, how deeply she feels the loss of her father and how much she tries to keep her mother in her life for as long as she can. Not to mention just how nice Jack is and how I wanted to know more of their story.

Obviously, I can’t tell you much about the story itself, but rest assured that it blew my mind so badly that I can hardly think straight. I loved Across the Universe series, but this one might be even better. Or maybe just as much, I don’t know for sure… The fact is I really love this author and I can’t wait to read more from her.

I dived into this book without knowing much about it. And that was a good thing because I was surprised with each step I took, with each page, and nothing makes me happier than enjoying a good book.

THE BODY ELECTRIC is probably the most vivid dystopian story I’ve ever read. Those dreams were so awesome (!) I have no words to express my excitement. They alone would make for a great movie. Also, the turnarounds were absolutely crazy. And just how amazing the idea of reliving great memories is, huh? Not to mention the influence Ella had on them, without even knowing. Fantastic, I tell you, this story is fantastic! And yes, this means that I really loved everything about this book and it exceeded all my expectations – which were considerably high to begin with.



I wish more books were like this one – with an unpredictable plot, strong characters and unique world building. Yes, it is still a dystopian world and the characters want to change the system, but the beauty sits in the nuances, in the details, in the beautiful images created through words, and Beth manages that magically.

I loved this book and I can’t wait for another one!
Happy midnight reading!


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