Review: Torched by Andrea Colt

Torched - Andrea Colt

Long story short: I loved it!


✓ I loved the awesome main characters for their sense of humour, and their funny pranks and because it was so cute to see how they found their way to each other after so many years.

✓ I loved how Rose kept her head held high and even though she had to admit to something that she didn’t do, and she still tried to find the truth that she hoped would set her free.

✓ I loved how friendships can die and can be reborn, but malice is not forgiven, nor is mistrust. I loved how love can slowly surface and it can make you giggly and all fuzzy inside.

✓ Truth being told I loved EVERYTHING about this book.


TORCHED is a story that could seem light at first sight, but it holds a lot of meaning underneath. It speaks about friendships and first loves, about hurting people without meaning it, about fighting for what’s important to you, about looking back to all the bad things you’ve done and trying to be a better person in the future. It’s a story about teenagers with their fears and hopes, with their dreams and disappointments; it’s a self-discovery story that unveils, through the mystery, all different layers of Rose’s personality – with the good and the bad, with the mistakes and the ways to make up for them.