Pivot Point by Kasie West

Pivot Point - Kasie West

Can someone please come and erase my memory such that I can fall in love again with this story in 2014?


I really have a hard time believing that I will be able to sit still and wait a whole year for my favorite part of this story. I am even scared. I saw Addie fall in love 2 times (and I loved both love stories – well, one more than the other) and now I expect the next ‘beginning’ to be just as sweet.

I know, this is not the way to start my review, but how do you expect me to focus on writing when the ending hit me with the force of a hurricane?

I LOVE(D) this story.
I loved Addie, I loved her friendship with Laila, I loved both love-stories, I loved how fun the writing was and how emotionally invested I got (without even noticing until I fell deeply in love with this book).


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