Review: Golden by Jessi Kirby

Golden - Jessi Kirby

This story took my breath away!


Jessi Kirby doesn’t play with words, she plays with emotions. Her stories don’t have complicate plots, but subtle ones. Her prose is so beautiful that it leaves you breathless, the edge of her words cuts deep into your soul.. You can never have enough of her stories and I can never put into words how much I love everything written by her.

I don’t know if she puts a lot of effort into writing, or if it comes to her naturally, but it really feels effortless to read her wonderful stories.
You start reading and then you’re turning pages in rapt attention, the characters feel so real with their raw and deep emotions that you feel like they are part of your own self and, without noticing, you read the last page with traces of tears on your cheeks and with some sort of addiction that makes you want to trade your soul for another book written by Jessi.

Like with her other 2 books there is a bit of mystery born from a tragedy. If you don’t know what loss is, don’t worry, she will teach you slowly. She will make you love the characters, connect with them on many deep levels, she will break their hearts (and yours) and she will give you just a pinch of humour (maybe a bit more) and loveliness every now and then to heal the pain that starts to take over your heart.

The highs are so high and the lows are so low, the characters are complex – never too good, sometimes hitting the bottom only to then keep afloat… There are really not enough words left in this world for me to express all the feelings her books convey.

At this point I would read everything from this author, she is simply amazing and her words always leave me misty eyed. This is a book I wish I've read 10 years ago.. definitely recommended.