On The Fence by Kasie West

That’s it, I found a book I want to live in!



For me this book was perfect: perfectly-awesome dynamics, perfectly-sweet romance and just a perfectly-bit of sadness to make up for the perfectly-amazing ‘giggleness’.

Yes, I am a also a ‘perfect’ dork in love with romantic stories, but what can I say? I just loved “On the Fence” so very much!


And you shouldn’t simply take my words for it, so I will give you the reasons why those items on the list were so great to begin with:

1. fantastic family dynamics - from honest punishments, to love, teasing, comforting, helping.. everything was relatable, realistic and just as beautiful as any family should be.

2. best friendships – they are all so great together as friends, having fun, playing sports or just being themselves and nothing more.

3. cutest love story – I simply loved the fence scenes – their game was cute and honest :D and there were sparks, and beauty and so much fun.


Full (so damn early) review on the blog (sorry, I just couldn't help it - I needed to tell you all about it!)

Source: http://www.readingaftermidnight.com/kasie-west/early-review-on-the-fence.html