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All 3 Divergent full reviews can be found here.


Divergent: "To be honest, I am a bit angry at myself for not writing down the review right after reading the book, because I can’t find a way to make it justice.. Divergent was such a great book, better than it seems from this review, and I hope that many other people will enjoy it as much as I remember enjoying it myself. Also I hope that my 5 stars rating it’s an enough proof for its awesomeness"... Read more.


Insurgent: "Writers, when creating a world, have a great power over it and some of them are not afraid to use it. They are not afraid to put the characters through hell and back, they are not afraid to hurt them, and they are not afraid to kill"... Read more.


Allegiant: "To say that this book is my favourite in the series is an understatement. It took my breath away, I loved every single word of it and so when the ending came it broke me to pieces. I read the last pages with tears in the eyes"... Read more.