Cress by Marissa Meyer

Once upon a time.. Scratch that, I’ll save myself!


I have a really hard time explaining just how much I love this series, how incredibly great it is (from the beautiful writing, to the amazing pack of characters, the laughing-out-loud kind of humour, the fascinating world and the too-awesome-to-be true plot-line).


With other series there is this strong feeling of them being composed of several ’individual books’, which they totally are of course – maybe I am not making my feelings clear with this approach. *let’s try again*

You see, it’s just that I can make a clear distinction between those books, I can separate them in my mind, I can tell which one I liked better and which one I didn’t and why.


But here, I feel like this is just ‘one big story’ that flows easily from one ‘part’ to another and I can only tell you that I love it to pieces – all of it.
Because, yes, there are other characters that give name to the books, but the story is the same: the story of Cinder and the great people helping her. And it’s their journey as a whole that takes my breath away, them as a group that stole my heart..


This being said .. Where’s the next book? Where’s the next book?!


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Happy midnight reading!