Flat-Out Celeste by Jessica Park


Some stories are achingly beautiful and incredibly moving. They reach deep into the core of my soul and they fill me with so much happiness. They break my heart a bit and then wash away each tear with their intensity.

… Flat-Out Celeste is one of them.


I don’t even know what should I start with.
♥ I loved Jessica’s emotional writing, full of humour but also tear inducing.
♥ I loved the characters full of life and love, of hope and fears. I loved their complexity, their particularities, I loved everything about them all.
♥ Then there is the beautiful dialog (with the unique way Celeste talks in) and the wittiness most characters seem to carry around, the geeky t-shirts with those lovely funny messages on them, not to mention the coffee routine, the emails and the sugar-sweet romance.


I guess this means that I loved everything about this story.. and yeah, I truly did!


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