How big is your comfort zone?

One day I recommended to a friend the book 'FEED', by Mira Grant.
She read a few words and said: "nope, I don't read about zombies".



My intention is not to convince people to read the books I like, as I don't always read what others suggest either, so I left it at that.


 ... But deep down I wanted to ask her:
"Do you think that, for example, "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" is a religious book?"


 She would have said "no", of course, and I would have asked: 
"Why not? It has angels, an apocalypse, for sure it must be about religion, about repentance and other stuff like that". And in case you didn't read it yet, be assured it is definitely not about that! Just as 'Feed' is not about 'zombies'. They are there, right, but it is not their story in the least.


Deep down I wanted to tell her how 'The Newsflesh Trilogy' is about so much more (because I am not into zombies either, not at all).

I wanted to tell her how it is about journalism and about how far one would go to uncover the truth. Also, about politics and social manipulation (even with the biological weapons as means), about hope and friendship and love...
How it is so much about the human nature and how it takes you on a high emotional carousel. How it has the most wonderful characters, how I loved it to pieces, how I love it still.


There was so much I could have said then. I just didn't.
Some books should speak for themselves, and if they don't call one to them maybe it is for the best.


And now I ask you..
"What books outside your comfort zone did you read?
And how did you enjoy them?"


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